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Free Printable Hand Drawn Maze. Easily downloadable and printable PDF format. Great Mazes for both kids & adults very challenging but fun.

I decided to create a maze of my dog after my initial attempt at a self portrait maze was a disaster. I completed the self portrait maze with the intent of using it for my “About Me” page on this website. After showing it to my family they felt it was very creepy and aged me so I decided to not post it. Here the link if you want to see my creepy self portrait.

Instead of a self portrait I decided to create the next best thing, a pet portrait! The maze is a drawing of our beloved two year old Cavapoo named Penny. She is truly man’s best friend and has been great companionship while I work from home. My kids hate that I call her my girlfriend even through my wife doesn’t seem to mind.

I am following a long history of artists creating portraits of their beloved animals. Artists have drawn and painted everything from race horses and lap dogs to even pigeons. Who can forget my personal favorite the classic “Dogs playing poker”. There are tons of websites currently where you can have your pets portrait painted. You can do everything from realistic pet painting to turning them into Victorian Aristocrats. I decided to keep my portrait of Penny simple but maybe I’ll do a Victorian one down the road.

Free Printable Hand Drawn Dog Maze and Word Puzzle. Easily downloadable free printable PDF format. Great Mazes and Games for both kids & adults very challenging but fun.

Above is the dog maze in process. As with all of my mazes they start out as pencil sketches and are filled in with marker. The color is added afterwards with colored pencils.

Free Printable Hand Drawn Maze. Easily downloadable and printable PDF format. Great Mazes for both kids & adults very challenging but fun.

Below are the color tests that I created to figure out which markers and colored pencils to use with this maze. I know the dog sketches are creepy but they’re just quick sketches to test the colors. I like to scan theses sketches in and test the colors before I commit the maze to ink because it’s important that the colors will scan and print correctly.

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45 thoughts on “Dog Maze – Free Printable PDF

  1. Wow, these are so great! I had a friend, way back in junior highschool, who would put us all in awe of him, as he created such intricate mazes during our teachers’ lectures. I think they must have been in awe also, as I don’t remember one teacher ever telling him to stop drawing during class. It is a gift to be able to create these. My Grandchildren are coming for a visit on Sunday, so I am hoping to print these out for them. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us!

  2. Wow, this is amazing, and such a clever idea! I have never seen a maze integrated into a picture like that before! Visiting from LMM.

  3. Wow! This looks like it took a lot of work, but such a labor of love. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!


  4. Such wonderful talent and patience. I love the maze of your precious fur baby. Thank you for sharing at “Love Your Creativity.” Happy first day of fall.

  5. Totally super! These will go to a lot of good use. Thanks so much for sharing. I have a dog… Chocolate Lab, but sometimes the black comes through, but not in the sun. I think the daddy was black & mama Chocolate. The biggest thing was we gave him his forever home. Have a great day & thanks for sharing.

  6. I love dogs, too, and this maze/portrait is awesome. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xoKathleen

  7. That’s amazing, i was so busy looking at the drawing it took a while to realise what you meant by maze #pocolo

  8. Looks fun! Thanks so much for linking up with me at #AThemedLinkup 15 for Crafts and DIY, open April 15 to 25. All entries shared on social media if share buttons installed.

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