About Me

Thanks for visiting my site and taking a look at my work.

I started making mazes as a kid and quickly realized that I could use the maze pattern to fill in simple shapes. This killed many hours of my life while doodling in my notebook in class. Throughout high-school I would make mazes on request and hand out the copies to my friends. Then I went to college and became an adult and my maze creation stopped.

On my Fortieth birthday my kids bought me a sketch book and some pencils. Since I was on conference calls all day I started doodling again. I decided to make each kid a maze and after those three were done I figured I would to try and make at least one a month for the rest of the year. One of the reason for this site is to present these puzzles and see if there any interest in my mazes.

All of the mazes start out as a pencil sketch on paper that is then filled in with marker and scanned into PDF form. For most of the mazes on this site I will provide some photos and videos of the process so hopefully others will be inspired and create their own mazes.

I would love feedback and hope everyone enjoys these mazes because I love making them. Also, if you’re looking to check out some other great Maze Artists I continually update my “Other Maze Artists” page so check back frequently.

Thanks and Good Luck,