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The other reason that I started this site is to give mazes the respect they deserve. It has always boggled my mind that mazes never took off as a craze the same way adult coloring books or Sudoku did. After my 20 year retirement I started to search the web to see who else was able to push the boundaries of mazes. As I discover great maze artists my intention is to list them below and hope everyone who visits my site takes some time to check out other great artists who also take mazes serious. If anyone knows of other maze artists please let me know and I’ll check them out and maybe add them to the site.

Other great maze artists to check out:

MazeToons – Joe Wos

Great cartoonist and fellow Pittsburgh resident. Joe puts up a new maze every day and they’re all great. Make sure to buy his books and follow him on all social media. Joe not only is a great maze artist but a super talented cartoonist. If you love cartoons and mazes Joe’s work is a great blend of the two. My favorite part of Joe’s work is how he incorporates the characters into the maze and doesn’t just draw a maze around an illustration.

Matthew’s Mazes – Matthew Haussler

Really brilliant landscapes and incredible use of negative space. Make sure to pick up his Chicago Maze book it’s amazing. Matthew’s work is very similar to my work in the sense that he has tired to use the maze to create the imagery. He uses the negative spaces of the drawings in a really smart fashion.

Sean C. Jackson

Very fun mazes that have a MC Escher feeling to them. Great free downloads on the site plus you can buy the maze in print print form which is cool. Definitely follow him on social media because besides his great maze work his is a very talented painter and illustrator.

Eric Eckert

Skateboarder and maze maker his mazes are fun and loaded with celebrities. Also, the current Guinness world record holder for the longest hand drawn maze. Mazes finally got some street cred.

Roxie Munro

Roxie is a great illustrator and has some great takes on mazes. What’s fun about her mazes are that they usually challenge the kids to accomplish other activities within the maze. There are some really great free downloads on her site and make sure to check out and buy all of her books.

Yonatan Frimer

Blurring the line between pop art and mazes Yonatan’s work is incredible. Most of his work you would never know it’s a maze unless you study the image closely. He uses negative space in a brilliant manor and his images have a very “trippy” feel. If you’re a fan of pop art or strong images then you must check out Yonatan.

Rachid Kallamni

Rachid creates wonderful maze paintings that incorporate cultural icons like Notorious B.I.G. or Steve Jobs and creates a fun commentary though his work. My favorite part of his work is the clever use of his start and end points. The other great part of his work is that he has several works that aren’t on canvas at all and are very large in scale.


Stephanie Quanel creates great mazes that include cryptography in the mazes. It’s such a great idea and is an inspiration for me to integrate other game play into my mazes. How MeiroKodo works is that you have to complete each maze to get a special code to decipher the phrase in the book. If you’re looking for mazes with additional challenges MeiroKodo is for you.

The Spruce

The Spruce isn’t really a “maze artist” but this is a nice list of the top free printable maze sites. Something for everyone from Pre-School to Adult mazes. If you’e a teacher or a parent looking for tons of mazes this site if perfect for you.