Hand Drawn Haunted House Maze – Free Printable PDF

Free Printable Hand Drawn Haunted House Maze. Easily downloadable and printable PDF format. Great Mazes for both kids & adults very challenging but fun.

This is the Haunted House maze that I created for Halloween.

 I wanted to try and play with texture and see how detailed I could make the drawing while still making the maze fun. This is also the first maze that I made the start and finish more hidden. The key to finding them are in the phrase on around the image.

This maze is a continuation of what I developed with my Pittsburgh maze and my Statue of Liberty maze.

This maze started out as a simple two dimensional sketch but I realized that in order for the house to look how I wanted I had to rotate it and make the image three dimensional.

I spent a fair amount of time working out which colors would scan correctly and testing out how to create most of the elements like the grass, tombstones, etc.

All of the mazes are created the same way. I start with a pencil sketch and slowly fill them in with marker.

This is also the first maze that I added background color to soften the white background between the patterns. The left picture is untouched the right is with the color added. It’s a subtle difference but one that I think hides the maze pattern slightly.

Below is a time lapse video that I shot while creating the maze. The video with show you the progression of the maze as it’s developed. It’ll show you how the maze starts out as a pencil sketch and is developed organically as I fill it in.

If you like this maze and you want to try another similar maze check out my Pittsburgh maze. If you’re looking for more free printable mazes check out my homepage.

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