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When I was trying to come up with a winter based maze I thought about my favorite winter activity… downhill skiing!! As I was coming up with ideas, I liked the idea of creating a ski lodge and I eventually settled on the iconic gondola lift. This maze utilizes techniques that I developed with my Christmas tree maze and my snowflake maze.

Free Printable Hand Drawn Maze. Easily downloadable and printable PDF format. Great Mazes for both kids & adults very challenging but fun.

As you can see above I went through many variations before settling on the final design. I almost abandoned the idea altogether and eventually decided to remove the ski lodge and just focus on the gondolas. This maze allowed me to do a perspective drawing which is one of my favorite drawing techniques.

As always I thoroughly test my colors before committing to ink. I always test scan and print them to make sure the final product will be able to translate into the digital format. This ensures that the mazes will print correctly when I convert them into the PDF format.

Free Printable Hand Drawn Maze. Easily downloadable and printable PDF format. Great Mazes for both kids & adults very challenging but fun.

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26 thoughts on “Ski Gondola Maze – Free Printable PDF

  1. Well, how very interesting for sure! I use to dabble in drawing in my early 30’s or was it 20’s… I did it to wind down from work and it really helped, but never thought of color. It was always the pencil and that’s it. hmmmmm I should try it one day and see what happen’s. I have to be looking at the actual picture though…. don’t you? hmmmm uh-oh did you put the bug back in me…. I dunno……….. maybe! We’ll see…. have a great day. You definitely did a great job. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the great feedback. You should definitely start again. I use this to get me through my day at work and it’s a great way to wind down at night.

  2. This one looks hard but interesting! Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 8. Pinned.

  3. Hello Hilbert,

    You did a great job really amazing
    Thank You for entering the Polkadoodle Craft Challenge

    Hugs and Creativity

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