Hand Drawn Amusement Park Maze – Free Printable PDF

This maze was created to celebrate one of the great Summer activities and a beloved pastime. There’s nothing better than grabbing your friends and family and heading to your local amusement park or fair. This maze is a tribute to the classic family activity that is a favorite for so many including myself.

Free Printable Hand Drawn Maze. Easily downloadable and printable PDF format. Great Mazes for both kids & adults very challenging but fun.

Carnival games are a key attraction of any festival or amusement park. Even though we all know that we’re going to spend more money playing the game than the prizes are worth nobody cares because it’s so much fun. Generations of teenagers have tried to impress their potential romance targets by winning the largest prize possible.

The origins of the Amusement parks can be traced back to the Pleasure Gardens of Europe. Pleasure Gardens were land that was set aside for the public to enjoy for recreation. These parks would usually contain Concert Halls, Food Vendors and eventually rides and Zoos.

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In America most early Amusement Parks started out as picnic grounds where family could go to have an affordable way to relax. When the railroad became a common form of transportation many amusement parks formed around train stops and were formed to entertain the passengers as they wait.

The popularity of these parks meant that eventually the amusement park itself became the vacation. The park that is most famous for this shift is Disneyland but the first theme park was actually based on a character that is more beloved than Mickey Mouse. The first theme park in America was named Santa Claus Land and was created in Santa Claus, IN in the 1940’s.

The above photo shows this maze in process. All of my mazes start out as pencil drawings and then are filled in with marker. I’m always asked if I know how to solve the mazes or if I plan the routes. I have no idea how to solve any of the mazes I create and I don’t plan where the paths will go. It’s a very organic process that gets filled in as I create each maze. The only thing I determine in advance is the start and end points other than that I have no idea what paths each maze will take.

The image above is the completed maze before color. Some people do prefer to complete the mazes without color and if that’s your preference you can click on the above image and it will take you to a printable PDF version. You could even print them out and color the maze yourself then you can have a coloring book and a maze.

Free Printable Hand Drawn Maze. Easily downloadable and printable PDF format. Great Mazes for both kids & adults very challenging but fun.

To add color to my mazes I typically fill the color in with colored pencils. The biggest complain I receive is that it is sometimes tough to see the breaks in the lines because of the color. I decided to color this Amusement Park Maze digitally. Below you can compare the differences between coloring by hand and digitally. The Camping Maze is a fair comparison and you can really see the difference if you look at the tent colors versus the image below it. I would really like feedback on which version everyone likes better. I’ve included a poll at bottom of this page to gauge responses. Please feel free to contact me with any thought or feedback it would be greatly appreciated.

Free Printable Hand Drawn Camping Tent Maze and Puzzle. Perfect for family trips or kids activities. Perfect for Boy Scouts, teachers, day care, church, Summer events and school parties. Easily downloadable free printable PDF format. Great Mazes and Games for both kids & adults very challenging but fun.
Maze with Colored Pencil Coloring

This is the first maze where I filled in the color digitally. One of the main reasons I was hesitant to switch to digital color was the I liked the look and feel of the hand coloring and I didn’t want the maze to feel like cartoons. I tried to color this Amusement park maze in such a way that it still retained the look of being hand colored. One big upside of switching to digital is that my color pallet has increased substantially and that opens up doors that were previously closed. One example is the color yellow, if you look at my previous School Bus Maze the yellow color interfered with the lines and really caused issues. If you compare that to the duck in the below image the difference is pretty incredible.

Maze with Digital Coloring

I would really appreciate any feedback on the new coloring technique. I set up a poll below to quickly measure everyone’s feedback. Feel free to leave any critiques or thoughts in the comments section below or if you would prefer to send a more detailed note please reach out to me via my contact page or social media.

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Do you prefer digital coloring or hand coloring?
Digital Coloring
Colored Pencils
No Color
No Preference

If you have an idea for a maze I’d love to hear about it. Additionally, if you just have some feedback you’d like to share please let me know via email () or social media (, ). You can also provide me feedback in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

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