Hand Drawn Statue of Liberty Maze – Free Printable PDF

This is my maze I created for the Fourth of July and also to honor one of my favorite cities in the world, New York, NY! Who doesn’t love Lady Liberty?

I had some fun with the start and finish on this one. I used the verbiage on the top and bottom of the image to help everyone figure out where the beginning and end are.

All of the mazes start out as a pencil sketch and then are filled in with markers. This is the first maze the I created from a monument and won’t be the last one.

Here’s a stop motion I filmed as I created the puzzle. You can see how I fill in the sketch of the maze and slowly create the final product. The video will show you how the maze is filled in and should give you a good idea of how I create the puzzles.

If you like this maze and you want to try another similar maze check out my Pittsburgh maze. If you’re looking for more free printable mazes check out my homepage.

If you don’t want to print the mazes at home please consider using the VistaPrint link below. VistaPrint is the vendor I use to print my mazes on card-stock to hand out to friends and family. I have found that they are the highest quality and the most affordable of the print vendors. Also I like that they allow for small batch printing which keeps the price affordable. I print them on 5.5 x 8.5 postcards and they turn out fantastic.

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